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When starting Coimbra, the system issues a message telling me that there is no database profile available. In order to work with a particular database Coimbra needs a database profile which has to be created by the administrator of the database and deployed to the users. If you are the administrator, you have to create a new database (using Coimbra/Admin). When creating a new database Coimbra automatically creates the corresponding database profile. Database profiles match the templates  "kdblic_*.iii" (old version of Coimbra) and "coimbra_*.cpf" (new version - 1.120 or higher). Database profiles have to be stored in the directory where Coimbra is installed.

I cannot edit an HTML document behind a certain position in the text, because the cursor cannot be moved to this part.

The built-in HTML editor is sensitive to errors in the syntax of the HTML code. You have to fix the bug in the HTML source code.


When I try to start "Coimbra Admin" under Windows 98, an exception "Exception EOutOfResources..." is generated and Coimbra refuses to start.

Windows 98 and Windows ME are not able to start any number of programs (in contrast to Win/NT, Win2000, and WinXP which do not exhibit these restrictions). The reason for this behavior is an old (DOS) memory architecture in Win98/ME. As Coimbra is a rather large program it consumes a substantial amount of system resources which may cause these troubles under Win98/ME, especially if there are several other programs already running (even in the background) on the system. The latest Coimbra releases (1.199 or higher) have been optimized in respect to system resources, however, this does not guarantee that Coimbra will run on all Win98/ME systems. As a remedy we recommend to close all other programs which are not needed. The amount of used resources can be displayed by the program "Resource Monitor" (Start / Programs / Accessories / System Utilities). There should be about 65% free resources before starting Coimbra.

I cannot edit HTML-Files.

You did not install MS Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher). Coimbra needs several Windows system files which are delivered with IE5. In order to check which version is installed on your computer, start the Internet Explorer and click on Help/About

My system does not display any embedded multimedia pieces (shockwave, movies, Java applets, Macromedia Director, Authorware, ....).

Coimbra contains two different HTML viewers: a simple one, which always works (even under operating systems which do not contain some required system files); this simple viewer is only capable of diplaying simple HTML (version 1.1) and images. The second viewer is a full-featured one which is capable of displaying any format which can be displayed by the Microsoft Internet Explorer. In fact, Coimbra is using the ActiveX interface of the Internet Explorer to display its documents. So when Coimbra does not display a certain format, you most probably did not install the corresponding plugin in the Internet Explorer. 
The two viewers can be switched by using the command "Setup/Database Configuration/General/Use Webbrowser to Display HTML Pages" in Coimbra/Admin.

After starting Coimbra it displays a list of available databases. However when I select one of the databases, the error message "dbsysinfo.iii not found" is displayed.

This error message indicates that the database cannot be found in the specified location (which is stored in the database profile). This can be the case when using mounted network drives (if the drive letters have been changed). You should contact the administrator of the database to resolve this problem.

I am working with German documents and Coimbra does not show up keywords in the full index which start with a German umlaut.

This problem is caused by a wrong configuration file for the full text indexing engine. By default, the engine does not allow German umlauts as a starting character. However this can be easily changed by adjusting the configuration: in Coimbra/Admin click on "Tools/Indexes/Configure Indexing Process/Full Text Index" and change the line with the keyword "/Allowed1stChars" to:
/Allowed1stChars=41-5a, 61-7a, FC, DC, F6, D6, E4, C4
Thereafter you have to start the indexing process. When finished the full text index contains all words starting with German umlauts, too.

If I try to edit an HTML page using the built-in HTML editor, I receive an error message "OLE Error 80100004" and the editor does not start.

The built-in HTML editor is sensitive to syntactical errors of the HTML code. For example, this message is displayed if the HTML code contains the tag <BODY> twice, or if the tag <TITLE> is not part of the header section of the code. If this error occurs, the best way to go is to switch to the HTML sources and correct the problem in the sources.
Hint: unfortunately, there is a large number of Web pages, which are syntactically incorrect. We recommend to check any HTML pages for syntactical errors before importing the documents to Coimbra. 

During the installation of Coimbra the system displays the error message "Cannot register component". 

This messages occurs if you have no rights to change the Windows registry. You have to log into your Windows system as an administrator and repeat the installation. To our current knowledge, this is only a problem with Windows NT and Windows 2000. A similar message may occur if an older version (< 5.0) of the MS Internet Explorer is installed on your system.

When I try to load a remote database, Coimbra seems to hang for a long time returning with a "timeout error" message. Local databases work perfectly.

You most probably have a problem with a firewall or proxy server between your computer and the remote computer where the database is located. These problems can easily be resolved by telling Coimbra the parameters of the firewall. You can either use the program firewallsetup.exe, which comes with Coimbra, or use the command Setup/Firewall in Coimbra/Admin.

Some small PNG images create an error message displaying "An error occured during an image operation". Thereafter Coimbra crashes.

Coimbra uses a graphics library which is sensitive to images created by some early PNG implementations. You should upgrade your external editor to the latest release. This effect is at least well described for Paint Shop Pro 4. Upgrading to version 6 helps. We'll try to implement a work-around in the near future.

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