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A Trip Into Space

"A Trip Into Space" is an informative electronic book on space science. The book contains about 350 brilliant photos of planets, stars, galaxies and spacecrafts and rich information on the displayed objects. "A Trip Into Space" is based on material provided by the NASA.

"A Trip Into Space" is free of charge (except for shipping costs, if you want to receive a CDROM) and is available in the following versions:

Version Availability Costs
CDROM Please visit our online shop to order a copy Euro 20.00 for shipping and handling
Online Test Version First-time users: please download and install Coimbra and then proceed as described below.

Coimbra is already installed on your system: you can simply download the
license file (3 kB), unzip it, and copy it to the Coimbra home directory (the directory where coimbra.exe is stored). Both username and password for Coimbra viewer are "test".
Download A full download is currently not available, since the material is too voluminous. n/a

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